The book Motorized Spindles by James R. Taylor provides a comprehensive, easy to use, and concise review of all that is available for the consumer or researcher who needs to build, test, and operate their own motorized spinners. In summary, the text provides readers with all of the latest tools for creating, developing, testing, and implementing smart motorized spinners within the fields of both the applied and technical engineering fields, in terms of both the basic theory and technology, and presents a wealth of detailed information about future possibilities in the automotive industry.

As an example of how this text can be used by researchers within a variety of fields, Taylor provides a very thorough overview of some of the most popular applications for spinners in various industries. One such application that is included in the text is in the realm of construction. Specifically, this text provides an extensive introduction to the concept of “Spinners for a Better Construction Day”, which helps to explain the benefits of using the power of a motor to transfer force from one part of a machine to another.

The second major application that is discussed in this text is within the realm of industrial applications, specifically as it relates to the manufacture of industrial components such as bearings, spindles, and bearings assembly. The text also gives an extensive look at spinners for automobiles, which will prove useful for researchers interested in the field of automotive design and engineering.

In addition to his thorough and extensive overview of spinners, the chapters that follow in Motorized Spinners provide a wealth of very practical information on a variety of topics. For example, a very complete overview of the theory and application of spindles is provided, as well as an examination of the different types of spindles available to consumers. Additionally, a more detailed overview of the physics of spinners is presented. This material should prove very beneficial for researchers who are looking for a detailed but easy to understand explanation of the subject matter.

In addition to his thorough examination of all aspects of the application of spinners, Motorized Spinners also provides an extensive review of the motor itself. This is an extremely important topic within the context of the current economic times. As one of the most vital aspects of any car or other type of mechanical device, the motor must be both reliable durable and yet inexpensive for the consumer or researcher.

This is made even more complete by a comprehensive material that includes all of the most common types of motor types, including the ones that have been around for over a century. This material also provides an in depth examination of the materials and methods by which spinners are constructed, as well as the different types of motors available today. A detailed discussion of how the spinners can be designed and developed is also provided. This material should prove extremely useful for those looking to purchase spinners for their next project or research project.