Motorized Spindle

Motorized Spindle – The Best Choice for High-Tech Machine

The latest invention to hit the workshop is the Motorized Spindle. Powered by an integral, high-performance motor and a tiny, low-horsepower, single-axis reciprocating component, the latest spindle innovation is a true technological tour de force that packs a major punch in a small package.

Motors are not always the best option, especially for smaller shops. Some small shop operators prefer a small, light weight motor and a few lightweight, small diameter spindles, and use them in conjunction with the larger heavy duty engines. When the shop operator is building a large amount of machinery, especially in the construction field, he needs a much stronger, more powerful motor and a number of larger diameter spindles. With the motor and the large diameter spindles, the shop operator can build much heavier machinery than he could manage with the single-cylinder, light-weight motors.

With a single-cylinder motor, the shop operator has a problem with his overhead clearance. He also has problems with space, as he would need to keep all of the components of his machinery out of sight if he were to install several of these types of motors in one location. On the other hand, when he installs the Motorized Spindle, he has a solution that gives him several motors, each equipped with its own power source, all mounted together in one convenient location.

In order for this type of motor to work, the first step is to attach it to a large, high horsepower motor. Then, the motor will be linked to a single-pole shaft that drives the small diameter spindle that will rotate and control the motion of the main component of the machine.

After the two components are connected together, the large diameter motor will be attached to the top of the motorized spindle. The large diameter motor then turns the spindle. The single-pole shaft drives the smaller diameter shaft that will pull the larger diameter spindle that will turn the cranks that will turn the power transmission mechanism.

Motorized spindles are made in a variety of styles and shapes. Some have a fixed power source, while others are geared. A few of them allow the user to select from a variety of speeds.

Motorized spindles will often require installation of a frame to provide stability. When they are mounted on a shop ceiling, the motorized spindle will also have an advantage over a stand alone version of the same type of machine because the motorized spindle will be able to take the load off of the motor. This allows the operator to spend less time on the assembly of the machine.

A motorized spindle is an excellent choice for a machine that is being built on a limited budget and for which space is an issue. It is a great addition to a business that has a lot of heavy equipment. It provides a solution for a high-tech, sophisticated machine that can create a variety of tasks with one machine.